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Feed your lips with this moisture-rich formula and get great lasting colour too.
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Lipstick that complements your skin tone will do amazing things for you...

Great lipstick for your skin tone intensifies your eye colour, gives you luscious lips and a gorgeous finished look. We've created a range of lipsticks for every colouring, packaged in a smart, neat case. Made with love in Britain, I think it's really quite special and I'd like to tell you why ...

"It's too hard to find great lipsticks that suit you"

As a colour consultant, I was frustrated with high street brands and how most of their lipstick colours are seasonal "trends", and how they either sell poor quality lipsticks with cheap ingredients or charge an excessive amount for a high quality lipstick. I think lipsticks should be made to suit you and your needs.


How to make the perfect lipstick

We wanted a long-lasting lipstick with incredible colour, moisture and finish that looked and felt like it was quality worth paying for. Here's how we created our lipstick, right here in Britain.


Picking out the right colours for you

Not every lipstick colour suits you, but that's OK. From over 20 years' experience of colour consulting, we have been able to create a range of lipsticks to suit every colouring. Within our range you will be able to find colours which make you look fantastic. Take a look at what the colours are like here.


How to apply your lipstick

There are three ways to apply your lipstick depending on how intense you want the colour ...


Choose Your colours

When you're ready, simply click on the colour you want. You'll see a tick on the colour box. Then, click 'add to cart'.


What do our customers say?

We love hearing from you, our customers. With our new website, some of them are posting their thoughts and reviews of our products to help you decide if Jane Fardon Cosmetics are for you.




Don't you just love this picture? ;)


Why I was frustrated with existing lipsticks

It's always fun to try a new lipstick and a new colour. However, most of the women I speak to have a drawer load of lipsticks that they never wear. Sometimes they hit lucky and get a lipstick that they love and looks great on them. Then when they go back to get a new one, they are told by the sales assistant that it was last season's colour and it has been discontinued!

We think lipstick is simpler than that. The point of our lipsticks is that the colours are chosen by what suits you, not dictated to by changing fashions. We have carefully selected our colours so that we have colours for every colouring and skin tone.

We don't make "fashionable lipsticks" that are in one season and out the next. We simply make lipsticks that make you feel great. For instance, there may be a fad for "black" lipstick, but the colour black absorbs light and therefore a black lipstick would draw the light from your face leaving you looking tired and pale. We think you're better than that!

In fact all you need is three carefully chosen lipsticks of the right colours to get you through your entire wardrobe! Of course you can have as many as you like, but it's good to have three you know are perfect for your colouring. But a great lipstick is more than that. A great lipstick enhances and defines the shape of your mouth, bringing balance to your face and its features, all without fading quickly.

But the extraordinary thing about lipstick is the effect it has on your eyes!

I know it sounds strange but when someone wears the right lipstick for them, their eyes look SO much brighter and the colour intensifes dramatically. As soon as you have seen and clocked what a great lipstick does for your eyes, your lipstick will become your new best friend! 



How we design and make our lipstick

The tricky thing with lipstick is that you need both good pigment levels (so it stays on) and you want it to have moisturising qualities too (so it feeds the lips and doesn't dry them out). However, these two properties work against each other. 

The more moisturising you make a lipstick the less the pigments stay on the lips. The more pigment you add the more the lips dry out. There is a very fine point where the two are balanced just right; the colours stays on the lips well AND it feels nice and moisturising on the lips.

The manufacturers we worked with were really helpful. They already made lipstick for other large brands, but were very happy to work with us to achieve the best formula. We were not satisfied with the quality of the ones they already made so we gave them words to describe the qualities we wanted in a lipstick; a great stain, moisturising, smooth but not grainy, and not perfumed. Oh, and we wanted it made in the UK.

They then sent us a sample, we tried it and gave feedback. They altered the recipe and back and forth it went. Eventually we arrived at the basic formulation. We then had to test and 'tweak' each individual colour as all the pigments behave differently and therefore affect the end result.

Besides the coloured pigment which gives the colour and stain, lipstick is also made up of oils which form the base material and help moisturise the lips.  Pearl is added to create shimmer in some of the lipsticks where it could help enhance the colour.

So all these ingredients were adjusted and fine-tuned to meet our expectations for each colour. I personally tested every single colour (!), wearing it around the house, to find that perfect balance. Curiously, red is the hardest colour to get 'just right'.

Lipsticks also include a small amount of preservative, important to prevent bacteria from the lips growing on the lipstick bullet. Without it you would throw away your lipstick after a couple of months' use.

We looked into going “organic” as it sounds so much better. Nick, my husband, co-director and a hospital consultant, researched the published literature with regards to organic versus the use of preservatives.

In the end though, we decided not to go organic for two reasons; firstly, lipsticks often stay in a woman's handbag or pocket for a while, which can be quite warm. Then, they are repeatedly applied to the lips and so are in contact with live bacteria regularly.

'Natural' preservatives have a very short shelf life, but most women keep a lipstick for a long time. This presented us with a dilemma. The potential dangers from bacterial growth and infection from an organic lipstick far outweighed any danger from using man-made preservatives such as parabens. And so we don’t make our lipstick organically.

Very occasionally we find someone that reacts to our lipsticks, but it's very rare. They contain lanolin, a natural moisturiser, but it is a very high quality lanolin. I know of people who are allergic to lanolin who are fine with our lipsticks. Often the lanolin used in other cosmetics is a cheaper or more crude form. This is what causes allergic reactions. Just in case, we’ll fully refund anyone who discovers they are allergic to our lipstick.

When we were researching the componentry (the outer case which holds the bullet) we were very clear that we wanted something that looked and felt of quality. We wanted a smooth action to raise the bullet up and down, a smart, scratch-resistant metal and a lid which securely clicked in place. It should feel great!

We also didn't want to have “dead space” in the product either. Most lipsticks have empty space at the bottom of the lipstick that makes you think it is bigger than it really is. That seemed wasteful and dishonest. Ours is just big enough to fit a full sized bullet inside - small and neat, perfect for your handbag. What you’re seeing is what you get.

We’re really proud of our lipstick. We’ve worked hard to get the right balance between being moisture rich and lipstick that still has a great stain. With our lipstick, you’ll get fantastic colours that really flatter you - and give you the WOW factor!



Find the right lipstick for your skin tone

When I wore red lipstick for the first time I felt soooo self-conscious. When I looked in the mirror all I could see was lips! I felt everyone would look at me and think “why has she got that bright red lipstick on?" Maybe the crowds would part as I walked down the street?

In fact what happened was I bumped in to a friend, we stood chatting, then she stopped and asked me if I'd lost weight and had my hair done (which I hadn't!) We parted and went our separate ways, but she never even mentioned the red lipstick! That's when I realised the effect the right colour lipstick can have!

If you’re not sure which colours work for you, take a look at the suggestions here or in the lipstick colour guide below, or even Ask Jane to personally suggest some colours that suit your colouring!

This is Mulberry

Mulberry is a wonderful deep pink and it looks fantastic on deeper cool skin tones. It is the softest of the cool, bright pinks. It is loved by Winters who don't want to go really bright and by dark Summers who want to make a statement. Great on dark skin tones.

This is Raspberry

Raspberry is a bright clear cool pink, and it brightens up the face of Winters. It is our most popular pink for Winters or cool brights.

This is Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a bright, cool pink with a little bit more purple than Raspberry. It is brighter too. It looks great on Winters especially if they have gone grey!

This is Pink Sorbet

Pink Sorbet is a light and very bright pink. It looks stunning on someone who suits really bright colours. It can be worn by someone who suits warm bright colours and by someone who suits cool bright colours. They may be blonde or brunette and they will have clear bright eyes.

This is Cranberry

Cranberry is a 'true red' lipsitck - it works really well for anyone who suits bright and cool colours. If you look great in electric blue, bright reds, turquoise or bright purples, then the Cranberry lipstick will look fantastic on you.

This is Burgundy

Burgundy is a deeper version of red.  It's a great cool colour that looks beautiful on Winters and dark Summers. It's the softest of the winter lipsticks and the deepest of the Summer ones. A hint of Burgundy (applied by using the lip gloss brush or a lip brush) is a great 'nude' for Winters or cool brights.

This is Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is one of our best selling colours and looks amazing on deep, soft & cool skin tones (deep Summers). It is a deep soft plum colour and looks amazing with smokey blues and greys and well as with deep jade green. A best selling purple lipstick you can trust.

This is Amethyst

Amethyst is a cool, soft mid pink. Although it's a cool, soft colour and is in the Summer palette it is one of the brighter Summer pinks. Some light Winters (Bright Cools) like is too as it is not as bright as Fuchsia or Raspberry.

This is Pink Jasmine

Pink Jasmine is our best selling cool lipstick - especially loved by the 'twenty something' year olds. It is a soft 'hint of' pink, very easy to wear and very natural looking. Looks beautiful with natural lip gloss on top.

This is Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is lovely on Summers or if you are cool soft. It is also great with the cool browns, eg rose brown and taupe. It is not a very cool lipstick so if you are borderline cool/warm it works well.

This is Cherry

Cherry is a deep and slightly pinky, deep red. It works well on all cool skin tones, especially if you suit deep colours.

This is Garnet Red

If warm and cool sit on either end of a spectrum, Garnet Red sits right in the middle, so it can be worn by both those who suit warm colours and those who suit cool colours. However, it isn't great for those who need very bright colours. It is one of our best sellers for that reason and that's why we call it a 'safe' lipstick.

This is Bronze

Bronze is great for deep warm skin tones (Autumns). Although it is deep it is also a very soft colour. Loved by Autumns or if you're warm, deep and soft.

This is Copper

Copper has slight shimmer and is great for Autumns or soft warm skin tones. It's in the middle between soft and bright. It looks great with rust, moss green or navy.

This is Warm Spice

Warm Spice is our best selling warm lipstick and gives a lovely natural look to warm soft skin tones - Autumns. It works well with all the warm soft colours, so it's a 'must have' in your handbag!

This is Flame

Flame is a strong warm red that works well on Autumns (warm, soft and deep skin tones) that don't want to 'pull any punches'!  It is the brightest of the soft warm reds. Try wearing it with lime for a WOW! impact.

This is Ruby Red

Ruby Red is a very popular warm deep soft red. It looks great on redheads with a medium skin tone, but not on very fair skin tones. Try wearing it with soft, deep greens or navy.

This is Warm Pink

Warm Pink is great on warm and bright skin tones - Springs, especially blondes.  It's warm and bright without being too garish. It looks lovely with aqua, warm turquoise, or bright navy.

This is Pink Clover

Pink Clover is another very pretty lipstick for warm and bright - Spring - skin tones. Lovely on strawberry blondes (blonde hair with slight red tones).

This is Coral

Coral is a great peach lipstick colour for fair skinned redheads and all warm skin tones. It is also very NOW! It's a great way to add some colour if you are wearing all neutrals.

This is Apricot

Apricot is a very pretty colour, that looks great on warm and light skin tones - Springs. As another peach lipstick, it works well with chocolate brown and golden brown.

This is Poppy

Poppy is a great red for bright warm skin tones - Springs. It's bright, clear and warm. I love it in the summer with the bight warm greens or with turquoise.

This is Fiesta

Fiesta is a really bright red that can work well for both warm or cool skin tones. If you like bright red lisptick you wil LOVE this one! It can look fun, sexy or dramatic depending on what you are wearing.




Three ways to apply your lipstick

For maximum colour, apply straight from the lipstick. For a softer look and greater precision, apply with a brush. To get even longer lasting colour, apply lipstick then firmly blot lips with a tissue and reapply.

To get a softer effect, apply with a lip brush, and if you want to create a ‘hint of’ a colour use with the Lip Gloss.

Remember that if you don’t eat or drink for about five minutes afterwards, you’ll allow the pigment to stain the lips and therefore last much longer. If you are prone to lipstick spreading, take foundation up to and slightly over the lip line and then apply your lipstick with a brush.



How much is your lipstick?

To get the best ingredients you have to pay more than the bargain bucket price. But with our great mix of ingredients, we don’t charge £25 - 35 that some premium brands may do. Since our customers do most of our marketing for us (we love word of mouth buzz!), we put your money into quality ingredients, not TV ads.

As with all our prices, I asked myself would I be willing to spend that on a lipstick? As a mum of three children, who likes to treat herself, I want to buy quality but at a sensible price. 

Our lipsticks are only £12.00 each. Even if you wore this lipstick every day for two months, you’d still only be paying twenty pence a day - and what’s 20p for feeling great every day?



What our customers say about us!

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Product Reviews

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  1. Best lipstick ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Sep 2016

    I love Jane's lipsticks and have various colours, but Pink Jasmine is a really good all-year-round colour. They last and last, too and I for some weeks now I have been scraping the barrel of one with a brush before reluctantly deciding it is finished - but it is still going strong!

  2. Just ordering 6 More!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2016

    I've been using Jane's fantastic lipsticks since the very week she released them (or even before), and I can't even open the door to the postman without it on!!!

    I almost always wear Copper, which is a stunning colour, and interestingly I have been told it is a perfect match when I have been wearing coral, red or copper colours!

    I'm just about to order 6 more - I keep them in my car, my work bag, my bathroom... and one in my pocket usually (as I don't carry a handbag!). I had a complete shock recently when I realised my last one was going around in the washing machine... but didn't need to worry, it came out with the coating on the case a bit battered but the lippy was perfect!

    I've just set Jane a challenge... I'm a Scout Leader and need a completely 'lip' coloured lippy for summer camp as I'm fed up with getting sore and peeling lips from the campfire, but too embarrassed to wear my bright copper lips at camp. Let's see what Jane comes back with.

    Mrs Fardon, not only are you a beautiful person, but you also make the best cosmetics EVER!!!

  3. Now my every day go-to product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2016

    I don't usually wear lipstick unless it's a special occasion. I usually go for bright, stand-out colours that make an impression.
    This time I ordered pink jasmine - i wasn't sure I'd like it because it is not as bright as i usually go for. But now I find myself wearing it almost every day - simply because it is subtle and beautiful and compliments my colouring so beautifully. Thank you.

  4. Lovely lipstick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2016

    Love Jane Fardon lipsticks, pink jasmine is a great shade for me and I don't seem to be able to find that shade anywhere else.

  5. Darker than picture! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2016

    I bought 2 lipsticks.. Warm pink and Pink clover. Both were a lot stronger colours than pictured ( particularly the pink clover) . . The colour does stay put though.
    Perhaps you may wish to review the flat rate postage too as the price is a bit steep....

  6. Soft, creamy lipstick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jan 2016

    I l9ved the size of the case although when I received it, it looked more like a sample. Nevertheless it is fantastic lipstick and I like that you can choose your seasonal colors. No guessing what color which is a bonus when shopping on l8ne. Goes on smooth and stays on too.

  7. Beautiful colour and texture 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Dec 2015

    This is the second lipstick I am buying from J Fardon and I am very impressed with both the colour and the texture. It stays on very well, and it seems to be endless in the tube as well, despite a lot of use. I am truly happy with them; I also got other make up products but have not used them yet. Review to follow when I do.

  8. No more wrong red lip colour 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2015

    I have been searching for the right red lipsticks, having spent quite a bit of money and finally found them here with Fiesta and Flame! They are right for my colour plalette, took the guess work out of buying the right lip colours. The colours are not only gorgeous, they have good staying power too. My only suggestion is to have these lip colours in pure mineral or organic - these would make them perfect 5 stars! Delivery is fast too.

  9. Creamy and Light - A really perfect red to compliment a natural look 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jul 2015

    I just received my beautifully toned Garnet Red lipstick. It is so perfectly creamy and light to wear. It's a great red for someone who likes to enhance a natural look who has a pale neutral skin (a hint of warm and cool tones) with brown eyes and light brown hair. I think I have found my favourite red, good enough to wear everyday or on a more formal occasion.

  10. Luscious Lips 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2015

    I have worn it twice and received lots of compliments, it is perfect for me, I am very pleased, thank you!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 60 | Next